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Linkedin Launches Stories in the United States, Canada & 5 more countries

This was in the queue for sure, LinkedIn finally joins the bandwagon of adding stories naming it as LinkedIn stories. LinkedIn stories were under development for quite some time.

Yesterday, LinkedIn officially rolled out LinkedIn Stories to the United States and Canadian Users. Let’s see how does LinkedIn stories works.

How to Post LinkedIn Story & Its Features?

  • Currently, LinkedIn Stories are available to users and LinkedIn Pages to the countries mentioned at the end of the article
  • To post a story go to your profile photo with a circle and click the + icon in the upper left corner, this would open the camera
  • Now, you can either record the video or upload it directly from your phone’s gallery
  • Video Stories are limited to 20 seconds
  • You can add a sticker or text to the story
  • Moreover, you can tag other LinkedIn users by using the tradition @ symbol
  • To create more than 1 story tap the + icon again in the top left or bottom right corner once you enter your previously published story
  • Stories would remain on your account for 24 hours
  • Currently, there is no feature such as Instagram Highlights which allows users, to see stories even after 24 hours.
  • LinkedIn Stories has a very close resemblance to Fleets by Twitter

What to Post on LinkedIn Story?

According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn stories would be a great way to share some engaging conversation related to your professional life. Ideal examples would be as follows:-

  • An achievement that you would like to share with your professional network
  • Ask for opinions w.r.t work
  • Share your thoughts on a trending topic
  • Show off your work or share knowledge for a particular topic

LinkedIn Stories Shared by users

LinkedIn Stories
Source: Linkedin Blog

How would LinkedIn stories can be put to use?

  • To start a conversation by directly sending them a message from the story option
  • Sharing a story you’ve seen with your network
  • For building a personal brand

Apart from United States & Canada, LinkedIn Stories are also rolled out to France, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands & UAE

Source : LinkedIn blog