Fleets – Twitter’s version of stories is now live for India

We all saw this coming and were waiting for twitter to join the bandwagon of adding the feature “Stories” which was first introduced by Snapchat. With Snapchat seeing tremendous success, social media giant Facebook decided to take on Snapchat by introducing its version of stories feature and extending it to Facebook and now its twitter adding “Fleets”, its own version of stories where the content posted using fleets would be active for 24 hours and then vanish.

What are Stories in Social Media?

It’s a simple feature which allows you to post photos, videos etc. that vanishes after 24 hours. Social Media Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have seen tremendous usage of this feature. With such success and billions of people using it every day, Instagram and Snapchat have taken it to another by integrating Augmented Reality in stories.

What are Fleets? (Twitter Stories)

Looking at this tremendous success of Snapchat and IG, twitter decided to bring its version of stories naming the feature as “fleets” which I guess they decided to rhyme with the word tweet.

So, yesterday night the feature got rolled out to Indian audience, which allows users to share content such as text, videos, photos, gifs on their profile which would be active for 24 hours and then vanish, same as what Instagram and Snapchat have.

The testing of fleets started in Brazil and slowly it began its rollout and now India has its own fleet. The Product lead of Twitter Kayvon Beykpour announced on its twitter handle and coined a hashtag to it #FleetsFeedback so that users can use this hashtag to provide feedback to the twitter team.

Key points of Fleets

  1. There is no option to like a fleet and neither you can re-tweet a fleet
  2. People can only react by DM if your DM is open to public
  3. You can see who has viewed your fleet just as you can see who has viewed your Instagram or Snapchat Stories
  4. Fleets do not have highlights feature what Instagram provides. Highlights allow you to save your stories and group them. The benefit of the highlight is, your audience who has missed your story can still come to your profile and check the content
  5. Fleets can only be added using Twitter’s mobile application. I did not find any option on their web.

I guess we would see more developments in this and I am curious how would this increase the reach of the profile of users using it. I did a couple of fleets and was able to add hashtags, images, videos, and GIF. So start Fleeting……!