With transparency, control & choice being the core of google ads fundamentals, They have made one more step towards it, by asking advertisers to verify themselves under the name of Google Ads Identity Verification Program in order to continue running ads. With prior features like why this ad which allows people to control what kind of ads are served to them, this is one more step towards being more transparent

In 2018, Google rolled out an identity verification for political advertisers, this meant advertisers who want to run political ads had to go through this identity verification in order to run political ads. Currently, Google has verified political advertisers in 30 countries.

In order to bring further transparency in Google Ads and give more information about the advertiser to the user, they are extending identity verification to all the advertisers henceforth.

The requirement for google ads identity verification program?

In order to run ads, advertisers will be asked to submit the following things

  • Personal Identification
  • Business Incorporation Documents
  • Any other information which tells about where are they operating from and who they are.

The rollout will begin this summer and advertisers will see the disclosure in their google ads account. Below is the image representation about what to expect with this policy.

Google Ads will ask for identity verification to run ads 1
Source : Google BLog

What to expect?

  • Making it easier for people to know who is the advertiser which would help them to make an informed decision as quoted by google
  • The rollout will first start is the U.S. and would continue to expand
  • Completion will take a few years from now

Quote from google

At Google, our goal is to make more information about the ad experience universally available and accessible. Broadening our verification policy is the next step in reaching that goal. We’ll continue to look for additional ways to increase transparency in ads for our users

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