We all know SEO is an industry where a lot of practices followed today are actually myths and yield no results in this contextual world of SEO. Yet the beginners who start following SEO and people who are in this industry to mint money would strongly pin down on those practices and avoid the ones which really matter. Here are the 10 most common SEO Mistakes that should be completely avoided in 2020.

Neglecting UI – UX Optimisation 

When I say UI Optimisation it includes not adhering to following things:-

  • Optimising the website speed and keeping it under 5 seconds for first paint on the screen for India based server hosting and If you have invested in a  good infrastructure of hosting then it would be ideal would be keeping it under 3 seconds
  • Use vector images or SVG Icons wherever possible since they are of a very low size and hence help in achieving higher page speed
  • Mobile responsiveness, we all know google has completely moved towards mobile-first indexing and if you fail in doing it, I guess you aren’t getting ranked for sure
  • Neglecting CTA Text and its placements, CTA or Call – to – Action plays an important role in terms of a user taking action which can lead to important goal conversion. Most important CTA’s always should be in the first fold of the page
  • Simplicity, It’s a well-known phrase “Simplicity is the best”. It completely applies to UX fundamentals. Keeping it simple and following the minimalistic approach is what works today
  • Following the bandwagon without researching it. This is a well-known mistake that each beginner follows. What does bandwagon mean, If one industry has done it and if it has worked for them then it will surely work for us? While interviewing SEO Candidates I have seen a lot of them falling for this

Keyword Stuffing

Gone are those days where repeating keywords would rank you. With the google bot now being so intelligent using their rank brain technology, I just have to say one thing if you’re still doing it then I guess you don’t want to rank.  In Fact, using LSI keywords which are for your seed keyword and plugging them naturally is the best approach

Not optimising Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Yes, you’ve read it correctly they are bloody still important and yet play a very important role in getting you ranked. The title is the first thing noticed by a user and an impressive title with a good description makes the user click on the title and make him land on to the page.

Duplicate and Thin Content

A well-known technique used previously is of no use. All the search engines not only google are intelligent enough to understand duplicate content and would penalise you for plagiarism. Coming to thin content it’s been noted that thin content has lost their rankings which they had before. Creating original content around your keywords would be the best way to get ranked and also build trust with your content consumers

Interlinking is the best way to tell the google bot crawler about your other content which have not been indexed and you think might be useful for your readers and is also related to the content you’re interlinking from. It’s been seen that SEO beginners will overdo it or would neglect it. There is no number on how much interlinking you should do, there is only one thumb rule i.e it should look natural should be contextual and should be relevant to the other piece of content. Also, you should interlink from your top-performing pages to relevant pages which are not yet getting noticed by users.

PBN popularly known as Private blogging network was considered to be a famous technique in good old days till google did not categorise hit as a black hat seo technique. Having different websites on the same hosting and generating backlink from them is also categorised as PBN

Ignoring Local SEO

We all know how SEO has evolved since June 2014 with the introduction of Google My Business. This was a game-changer for local businesses with listing the business for free and using region-specific keywords for your business and also get listed on other local listings.

Link Exchange is simply no in today’s time. It’s very easy for Google to understand that it’s not a natural link and you have specifically indulged in backlinking to the same owner who has cited you.

Neglecting Regular SEO Audits

SEO Audits are not to be done just while onboarding a customer or just doing it once in the entire life cycle of website life. SEO Audits needs to be done at least once a month. It should include On-Page, Technical & Link Building Audits.

Not Monitoring Google Analytics & Google Webmaster

Google Analytics is the best tool to understand whether your SEO efforts are fruitful or not. Marketers often ignore this number and this often leads to a disaster. Implementing Google Analytics correctly and monitoring it on a regular basis gives you valuable data about how to proceed further and what should be your next strategy on the basis of the same data that Google Analytics provides.

Hooking Google Analytics with Google Webmaster is also crucial. Google Webmaster allows you to nullify all your technical seo glitches. It provides you with all the technical details of your website, from duplicate titles and meta description to wrongly implemented data structure. All of this vital information is provided by Google Webmaster.

These are very common seo mistakes which should be completely avoided starting from this decade. Leave your comments of what you think which is the most dangerous one.

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