ASO Growth Hacks

Top 5 ASO Growth Hacks for higher downloads.

When it comes to ASO Growth Hacks we all get intimated by the word and start googling around to understand what would work and how to achieve it. Well, here are 5 hacks that are easy to implement and can do wonders.

Social Proofing as an ASO Growth Hack

You might have heard about social proofing a lot on the web. Social Proofing is all about putting a strong influence out there. Using social proof in the app screenshots is the best way to achieve this. 

For example, Udemy, an online learning platform uses social proofing in their screenshot showcasing review count. One more way of social proofing is to mention big players in the market if they are using your platform.

In-App Referral Program as an ASO Growth Hack

In-App Referral programs are one of my favourites. We have used this for our clients and has worked exceptionally well. Make sure you give good perks to the referrer. 

A classic example is Coin Switch which gives BTC worth $1 approximately if a user signs up using your link and completes the KYC Process.

Companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon Prime and Dropbox have found enormous success using this strategy.

Standing out with Emojis

With millions of app in the app store and play store, it becomes difficult to stand out, here is where emojis come into the picture. Although App store restricts developers using it, play store seems to be loving them.

We have seen a lot of apps using emojis in their descriptions or add emojis in the icon. Some examples of them would be as follows

  • Using year name in the App Icon
  • Using feature related Emoji
  • Using it in the short description

We all know building backlinks for web pages is one of the most important ranking factors and this holds true for apps as well. It is one of the ranking factors for mobile app’s published on Google play store and Apple App Store.

Gamification as an ASO Growth Hack

Gamification is a process of engaging the user with your app and rewarding him/her after he/she completes a certain task. Gamification can also be used for user retention or making the user come back to your app every day provided there is an incentive for the user.

A company who uses gamification extensively in India is Cred. It provides cashback + coins to their users who pay credit card bills using their app. The cashback is credited to their credit card account and cred coins can be used for obtaining discounts while making purchases on their application.

Please drop your favorite ASO growth hack in the comments below.